Jonathan Bell is a Guatemalan with 14 years of experience in creative direction for multinational advertising companies. Three years ago he founded Milagro & Partners to show that advertising can be inspirational rather than just aspirational. He has always been attracted by the creativity in television commercials. However, as Jonathan said, “It was the curiosity to understand and know who was behind those good ideas” which prompted him to investigate and finally decide to study advertising and marketing.


Understanding the market dynamics and given his experience in advertising, this creative believes that everything is related to the flexibility of thinking, a constant innovation and continuous learning. In his words: “In advertising, we are apprentices of everything and masters of nothing”. Starting from this thought, Jonathan explains the versatility of his profession and the passion he feels by understanding that he does not only offer “Advertising solutions but also creative solutions”. Creative solutions are a differential factor that is adapted to the needs of each client with an emphasis on a personalized communication.


Bell, is a creative that seeks to give the market what it knows best, that is why Milagro & Partners was born. The agency has had an absolute independent philosophy from the beggining. Its creator knows well the bureaucracy inside the multinationals. That is why he wanted to make a more traditional advertising, thus providing a personalized approach to the needs of his clients. To achieve this, the agency want to create advertising that “really changes lifes”, shocking and that seeks effective solutions for society. Doing it like this the world will be a better place, because in Milagro & Partners a more sincere, real and social work is done.


This independent organization understands the keys to an effective campaign: if a piece is not relevant to the consumer, it will not have much significance and the work will have been in vain. Bell highlights that before designing, it is necessary to propose a basic strategy, where communication is the protagonist. The use of specialized tools, such as regionalized marketing, communication strategies or knowing and understanding the consumer, are part of the learning that Jonathan Bell has acquired throughout his professional career.


Regarding the challenges that independent agencies are facing, Bell indicated that spaces such as WINA are important for the independent creative industry, since “WINA is an interesting festival that is not politicized and is very impartial “, where there are no doubts about the qualification of the pieces among the participants. In addition, the voting method provides a certainty, because there is no way to influence the results. In order to further promote the impartiality at the festival, WINA chose Jonathan as a jury of the Outdoor category and as one of the representatives of the creative industry in Central America.


By: Ángela María Muñoz Gutiérrez and Karen Tatiana Ledezma Aguirre