Apprentice of everything and master of nothing, Jonathan Bell – Outdoor Jury

Jonathan Bell is a Guatemalan with 14 years of experience in creative direction for multinational advertising companies. Three years ago he founded Milagro & Partners to show that advertising can be inspirational rather than just aspirational. He has always been attracted by the creativity in television commercials. However, as Jonathan said, "It was the curiosity [...]

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(Español) Santiago será sede por primera vez de un Festival Mundial Publicitario.

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Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Germany, Russia, the United States, Bolivia, Portugal and Colombia were just some of the countries that won at the 2016 World Independent Advertising Awards (WINA2016).   To ensure credibly judging results the WINA jury team consisted of 90 most recognized industry professionals from around the world. The 90 [...]

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After a tough judging session we are delighted to reveal the first WINA 2016 Winners Shortlist. Finalists per category competed against some of the world’s leading independent advertising agencies, and networks. The agencies identified in the shortlist will be awarded the Grand Prix/ Gold/ Silver/ Bronze OR get the 4th place honourable mention at the [...]

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The judgment has just started for WINA 2016 and the Agencies Expectations are Rising.

After a successful call to the best in the independent industry the judgment for the 2016 WINA Awards for the first World Festival for the independent agencies begins. The juries with their hopes high on the quality of the work entered in for the WINA Awards 2016, were granted access to the platform last Saturday [...]

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The Biggest Global Network Joins the WINA

WINA Global Festival welcomes The Network One: One of the biggest networks for independent agencies in the planet, with over 800 agency memebers and presence in the 5 continents. This alliance was born strong, just as the First Global Festival aimed to the independent industry, and ensures big talent and great work comming from the [...]

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CHILE: Hosting country for WINA 2017.

CHILE WILL WELCOME WINNERS FROM 4 CONTINENTS After a successful first edition held in Buenos Aires (Argentina) last November 2016, in which, advertising, public relations, digital and design agencies from the five continents, signed up, WINA - World Independent Awards -  presents a new edition, in a new period and with two simultaneous venues. Chile [...]

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E3 Network, the global network of independent agencies joins WINA

WINA Festival 2016, welcomes E3 Network and his over 30 agencies that are located all around the globe. With headquarters in Belgium, E3 Network has over 40 years of trajectory in the independent industry that seeks to empowers their affiliates by building up a high degree of trust between member agencies, leading to close working [...]

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Only if you win, you pay: the upcoming WINA a Global Advertising Festival like no other

With the rise of advertising Festivals all around the world and in the middle of many critical opinions about the industry, there is a completely new and innovative proposal, which seeks to recognize the best works from the five continents, with the boldest promise ever seen: only if you win, you pay. This Festival is [...]

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The 1st global advertising festival with no registration fee

With the support of big referents, both global and regional, from the advertising and marketing industry WINA -World Independent Advertising Awards, arises. This Festival is an answer to a growing tendency of independent professionals and agencies in pursuit for a fair, objective and impartial place that represent them and their work. The Festival is unique, since its [...]

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