A trophy invites have the world in your hands

When designing the trophy, the challenge of the organization was to transmit the independent essence of the festival, having as a starting point the flag, since this is the tangible symbol of any independence.The titanium, gold and the Grand Prix, will be the highest distinctions, have five hoisted flags, where each represent the five continents [...]

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A successfull entrepreneur and creative from wpp will be judging the tv category of wina 2016

Bobby Coimbra President and Creative Director Ogilvy Venezuela / Regional Director for Latin America in 141 Soho Square. Bobby, who will be part of the judges in the difficult TV Category, was member of the global board of directors in JWT; currently President and Creative Director of Ogilvy Venezuela and the Director for Latin America [...]

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WINA: The only Global Independent Festival

WINA 2017 - World Independent Awards - Starts with many changes. Nevertheles, maintaining  the essence that sets it apart from traditional festivals. On the one hand because it is the only festival where only independent advertising and digital networks can be registered. On the other hand because the registration has no cost and only the [...]

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Barcelona: home of the European WINA 2017 awards.

Barcelona was  chosen as the host city for the European agencies in taking part in  WINA 2017. This is not a random choice. The city has a great infrastructure not only for tourism but to hold international seminars, symposiums and competitions, making it the perfect place to host the European Festival awards. Barcelona: a city [...]

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