The judgment has just started for WINA 2016 and the Agencies Expectations are Rising.

After a successful call to the best in the independent industry the judgment for the 2016 WINA Awards for the first World Festival for the independent agencies begins. The juries with their hopes high on the [...]

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Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Croatia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Germany, Russia, the United States, Bolivia, Portugal and Colombia were just some of the countries that won at the 2016 World Independent Advertising Awards (WINA2016).   To ensure credibly [...]

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Apprentice of everything and master of nothing, Jonathan Bell – Outdoor Jury

Jonathan Bell is a Guatemalan with 14 years of experience in creative direction for multinational advertising companies. Three years ago he founded Milagro & Partners to show that advertising can be inspirational rather than just aspirational. [...]

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“The size of the agency does not matter, what matters is how fast you move. “Esteban Samaniego – Sports Jury.

In times where being an elite sportsman is more profitable than being famous, the Sport category becomes even more relevant in advertising festivals. Esteban, WINA jury, assures it from his experience in MCV Advertising. This Ecuadorian [...]

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