The WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards, is the academic response to a growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, seeking a space that truly represents them in a fair, autonomous and visible way.

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WINA came into being in order to acknowledge the work of independent, multinational advertising agencies and networks from across the world, with the help of around a hundred judges from all over the world. With a truly fair and democratic format, WINA is the only international festival with free case enrolment, and only the winners pay prizewinning rights.

  • Spots published between March 1st, 2017 and March 31st, 2018 are eligible. If by March 31st, 2018 participants have finished but unpublished material that will be published before May 31st, 2018, this material can be registered provided that client confirmation is given on the subject.
  • Any agencies that wish to enroll extra pieces, in addition to the free quota provided, can do so at a cost of $190 per piece, in all categories.




The WINA festival, is the stage for independent agencies affiliated to associations to register material without cost, paying only the rights of awarding; thus seeking to encourage affiliation to associations and promote the networking of the independent advertising industry from the local to the global.



Multinational independent advertising agencies and networks needed a space with the guarantees of a serious, impartial, fair festival that recognizes the best in the industry, so that the professionals who stopped signing up at festivals, will believe again.



The WINA Festival, seeks to scale local and regional visibility to global, to give more value to the agencies in front of their clients, the market and the media.


Across 3 unforgettable days of international conferences, workshops, academic tours, networking, a forum of advertising business leaders, cocktails and a closing party.






Recognized as one of the most diverse metropolises on the planet, L.A. It is the second most populated city in the United States and home to people from more than 140 countries. It is the headquarters of important producers of television, music, film and videogames. His close relationship with the entertainment industry puts a great challenge to advertising agencies, and thanks to this challenge we find a lot of creativity at all levels. In the words of Hal Dash, former president of PRSA-LA, “Los Angeles is the largest laboratory in the world for this industry.”

It is not surprising that at any time when going on the street a visitor witnesses some cinematographic recording. It is the day to day of the city. In the cultural and artistic aspect, the city has 105 museums and 225 theaters. It is also one of the most representative places of fashion in the United States, spreading the “California-cool” trend in all parts of the world.
The famous Rodeo Drive houses the most exclusive high fashion shops worldwide. It is the sixth largest hotel market in the United States, with options for all budgets. Geographically, it has a coastline of 120 kilometers in length, which houses the best beaches in Southern California, from Malibu to Long Beach.

It is characterized by a mild climate, without extreme climatic extremes and is surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains. With tourist attractions such as the Hollywood sign, the TCL Chinese Theater, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Warner Bros Studios and Hollywood Universal Studios, among others. The characteristics of the city are the best to host the WINA2018 from May 30 to June 1!

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