In our official website you can find the judging panel. Click Here to see the full list of juries


We cant, since the juries have deadlines to score the pieces/campaigns that have been asigned to them.


The deadline is April the 12th, 2018.


Only real campaigns that have been aired between March the 1st 2017 and March the 31st 2018.


Off course you can, but keep in mind that in case you turn out to be finalist for several categories, the agency must make the payment for the winners fee for each one of the categories separately.


Once the agency is registered in the platform, you will receive an e-mail with the Log In information and the quantity of entries you are allowed to make. In case you want to register additional entries, this will have an extra charge.

In order to register a piece/campaign, your agency must be already registered in WINA’s registration platform (Click Here to register your agency). Once you’ve done that, you need to Log into the platform and start uploading the entries.




Fill in the application (Click Here) and within 72 hours you will receive an e-mail with the LogIn information and the quantity of entries you are allowed to register without fee.


Yes,  agencies belonging to an independent global network can participate.


  • To be a member in an association, local or international community of advertising, digital marketing or creativity.
  • Have registered material in advertising, effectiveness or digital marketing between March 1st 2017 and March 31st 2018.
  • Receive a direct invitation from WINA.

In case you do not meet the above requirements, write to contact@winafestival.com to apply with your agency and receive an invitation to register your entries.

The organization will be sending direct e-mails with this information and the platform will notify you as well.


Winners Fee: payment made by an agency in the event of them becoming winners in any category.

The Winners Fee must be paid directly at the agency platform. When you become a finalist the option of “Winners Fee Payment” will become available.

The winners fee covers the trophy or the mention of honor plaque (4th place in any category), the digital certificate and one entry ticket to the award ceremony in Santiago de Chile or Barcelona.


If an agency does not pay the Winners Fee, the distinction will not be granted, and it wont be taken under consideration in all the press releases made by the Festival or Media allied with the organization.


April the 20th, 2018. 24:00 hrs Los Angeles.

There is a deadline until June the 20th, 2017 to confirm your attendance. In case you don’t, the organization will assume that you will not attend the Ceremony and the award will be sent by courier (the courier expenses must be assumed by the winning agency). We will not have refunds for unattendance.


Of course, besides the award ceremony, the Festival will have international conferences, trade shows and closing party.


You can buy the tickets online (Click Here). Or you can buy them directly the days of the event at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA.

Yes, in the “Buy Tickets” section you will find all the information.



The conferences and lecturers for WINA 2018 will be published directly in the official webpage 

The registration is online and it will be officially open in December 18th 2017. As of that date, the agencies may register to the Festival and once registered, they may start registering their pieces/campaigns in any of the 18 categories.


WINA Global Festival 2018, will be held on May 31st and June 1st 2018 at Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA.