WINA (World Independent Awards), the only international advertising festival directed to independent industry with free registration, arrives to the Chilean capital on June 28th and 29th.

June 22nd, 2017. Santiago de Chile is hosting the first phase of WINA 2017 on June 28th and 29th, where conferences, workshops, forums, awards ceremony  and closing party will take place.

The event will take place in Espacio Riesco, the most important event, convention and exhibition center in the country. Located next to one of the fastest growing business centers in the city. In addition it has ample spaces that offer versatility, which allows it to host any type of event.

Chile was chosen as the venue for the second edition of the Festival, for its infrastructure, the talent of the independent advertising industry, its natural and architectural environment. Another reason, was the outstanding participation that the southern country had in the last edition of WINA. Regarding this Mauricio Rodríguez Vargas, CMO of the festival, says: “Santiago is a very interesting business center at the regional level and Chile has always been characterized as one of the countries that leads the theme of the service industry in the continent.” 

WINA 2017

Last year WINA, was known as the World Independent Advertising Awards, but it will now be recognized as the WINA Festival (World Independent Awards), to reflect the openness to the entire independent industry and not just advertising. Opening the participation to Public relations, digital, design or audiovisual agencies.

Nowadays an agency needs a strong economic muscle to present its realized campaigns to the festivals and this investment is not always rewarded with prizes. While this is no problem for large multinationals, it leaves the independent agencies completely out of the game. For this, WINA presents a new festival format; Registration is free and only the winners pay for award rights. Becoming the only international festival aimed at independent industry with free registration.


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