1. It is inevitable to start by asking: Why M22?

It is due to the energies, our formation is very holistic, we believe that the name represents our agency, we looked for a name that had significance in different aspects and we found it in “numerology” the number 22 (11 + 11) as a creative number, we followed that exact guideline and so we searched for common guides, the “m” means mission, and so that is the name; it is a mission on the outside and inside, inside of ourselves and outside for our clients.

  1. In an industry that is recognized for having few women entrepreneurs, how did you succeed in positioning an agency that is led by women and is also successful?

Actually, it was all very magical: the agency started with a dream, the general director wanted to have an agency (designer), and I wanted that advertising agency at that time I worked at TV Azteca doing content and journalism. So our lives became intertwined due to our interests, it has a lot to do with (being sisters), so we got together, we started to work really hard and we got into working with advertising. Along the journey, when you want something with your heart, you find the right people at the right time. In that transition we founded M22 with people who wanted campaigns, and the key to success has been the empathy we have towards the project, we do not work to earn millions, but we do it because we like our customers and we can exceed their expectations, always with a smile, our growth has been strong and quite dramatic, we grew 200% in the first years, we are very grateful for the way in which the agency is.

  1. Why do you think there are so few women leading in the creative industry?

We never question why there are few women in advertising, we just founded the agency and that was it. There have never been gender “roles”, we never ask ourselves if there are few or many women, there are men who work with us as equals, we never face those prejudices, we just did it without thinking about it being an industry of men, and we did not face that prejudice of whether we are women or not.

  1. How do you change this?

Fight for a position, if you are convinced of what you want to do or experience then do it by human impulse, don’t think of anything lesser, as then you are at an unfavorable position and disadvantage, follow your heart, if you think and feel it, then do it and don’t live in questioning from a negative perspective.

  1. What has M22 done to differentiate itself from other agencies?

The first thing we do is listen to the customer, connect with their needs and then make an ad hoc proposal to their time of business and brand. If such a brand needs this, we must look at what to do to achieve it, our area of research is very segmented when working on a specific work plan; when presenting a proposal, we make a work plan for that particular brand, we seek to do it being much more devoted to it than what the brand needs, working closely with, and in a way that the allied partners recognize our work; this means that we are recommended to others. My sister and I go to meetings together, looking how to empathise and have a connection with the prospect client, many clients connect with us, the human aspect and the relationship with the clients are very important to us.

  1. How did you incorporate your clients into this vision?

There has been a very organic understanding. Whoever is looking for a connection with their agency and a much closer support and trust, if you do not have reciprocal trust, there is no relationship, there is nothing. We only work with clients who share that philosophy with us; we had two clients and once the trust was broken it was all over, if you hire an agency there must be a connection, right from the interview or with the people who call you.

  1. What would you say to creative women who were thinking about becoming independent and creating a company?

To do it now, the best experience and motivation to have every day is to be thinking of something good and how to improve yourself on a daily basis, meet the goals you set. We face many things and if you really want something and want it to happen, just do it, do not compare yourself with anyone, neither with women nor with men; Do what you feel in your heart, have a good relationship with everyone, we are all the same, and women can do it too.