1. What was Blck’s strategy to appear in a world event?

In its first year “Blck” had interesting products and projects, which a few years ago didn’t exist and for which it was very worthwhile to enter and to compete. Our strategy involved a redirection of the company, in order to see the awards as the result and not as the objective, because in this way we create projects and products of value for our clients that are worthy of an award and recognition.

  1. What makes Blck unique?

What makes us unique is that we focus on a value proposition which is specific for each of our customers, thus achieving a broad range of services from branding to user experience, social media and content marketing. All this is linked to meet a specific business objective.

  1. In the past WINA in Los Angeles, Blck figured along with the 4 most important independent agencies of the moment in Mexico, how do you become the most important?

There are several things: I believe that to be the most important, the only way in which we can measure it is looking at the impact that we are having on our clients; doing good quality work that differentiates itself, and then the recognition comes by itself and in turn positions us as the most important in the country.

  1. How would you determine if an agency is the most important in a region or a country?

Because of the impact it is having on the business of its clients, today ideas are rewarded for being beautiful or aesthetically pleasing or archaic, but we always ask the question, how could this idea have contributed to help the company’s business, recognition and “Medalstales”, it would be very good to see how this idea collaborates with the business of a client; What really matters is the way to measure a real impact on the business, and I think that is what needs to be measured.

  1. How do you retain talent in an independent agency?

I am selling you the talent of a team, that is another one of our differentiators, which is the main reason to keep you, it is my main asset. We as an independent agency are self-sustainable, we have our team, staff, with benefits that you don’t find in other agencies, and that is a differential factor. In addition, we have an organizational culture without hierarchies, where the role of the employer is committed, valuable, valued and in administrative terms they have all the benefits required by law.

  1. What is the advantage of being independent?

None, on the contrary, the only advantage is feeling the satisfaction of the work being done, the clients come to us because they pursue us, and that is the best way to be independent, that gives you a good reputation and in terms of business they like what we have to offer.

  1. Are there disadvantages?

I can name a thousand, when you compete with multinationals, “you are a nobody”, and being no one, or not known, that is an important aspect when taking part in events, with questions like “who are you if you are not known?”. We make a big effort to survive and manage resources, so I see that as a disadvantage, because in the end there is no objectivity in this sector where objectivity should be a priority.

  1. What challenge has Blck got to overcome in 2019?

There are many challenges, we decided in one way or another to leave behind 30 years of history and to start a new story. This is the first year of truth and we proudly say that we had a very good year, this agency always has to measure itself in two parts: for its work and the creativity of the product and I believe that both have been “achieved”, in terms of finance, we have been self-sustaining regarding the creativity of our products and the upkeep of the company. In this year, 2019, we want to share new results with new clients, and be able to continue communicating this value proposition.