What makes the WINA Los Angeles 2018 different?

Los Angeles, California, February 6th 2018




WINA came into being in 2016 from a unique and challenging standpoint: to be the first festival with free case enrollment where only award winners pay prizewinning rights, and to launch the only world festival for the independent industries, of the standard required to become a global reference point.

After only two editions, these challenges have proven to be an appealing model to the indie industry, as demonstrated by the 72% increase in new agency registration seen in the festival’s previous edition. This growth is the result of a model that is aligned with the goals of the market being served, and of a community’s understanding that despite continuing to report good figures year after year, the budget for investing in festivals doesn’t always exist.

While it may be true that at times budgets are one of the obstacles to registering, a lack of confidence is one of the factors most frequently cited by industry chiefs when giving reasons for not participating in events of this type. WINA has listened to these business leaders and designed a format that is not only beneficial in financial terms, but also trustworthy due to its varied, 100% online judging model, involving multinational, independent advertising networks.

Advertisers will be granted academic participation in every category as judging vice-presidents from this edition onwards. The festival has made this decision in an effort to make the independent industry visible within the brands, and therefore get on advertisers’ radar. The positions of judging president and the other 3 judges will continue to be filled by directors of traditional multinational or independent advertising agencies.

Everything is in place for WINA Los Angeles to consolidate its position in 2018 as the only festival with free enrollment, alone in catering exclusively to the independent industry.




Known to be one of the most diverse metropolises on the planet, L.A. is the second most populous city in the United States and is home to people hailing from over 140 countries. It is the headquarters for leading production houses in the television, music, film and videogame industries.

The city’s close-knit relationship with the entertainment industry poses a great challenge to advertising agencies, and thanks to this challenge a great deal of creativity can be found at all levels. In the words of Hal Dash, the ex-president of PRSA-LA, “Los Angeles is the greatest laboratory in the world for this industry”.

Visitors will not be surprised to witness a film recording taking place at any time on the streets, something that is part of day-to-day life in the city.

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