In times where being an elite sportsman is more profitable than being famous, the Sport category becomes even more relevant in advertising festivals. Esteban, WINA jury, assures it from his experience in MCV Advertising. This Ecuadorian agency has more than 30 years of experience. They have kept up with being pioneers in using sports marketing as a business unit. As Esteban says, it is a thought in which, “the main thing is to go ahead of the big fish, the size of the agency does not matter, what matters is how fast you move”.

Samaniego has worked with all types of clients, including governamental entities. From that, he explains that one of the creative challenges when working with campaigns in the political area, is that “the concept must start from a strong strategy, then have a great idea”. In the Ecuadorian case, this kind of campaigns had to reach the entire population, which was used to mass consumer products advertising such as Coca-Cola or Nestlé, etc.

This also represents a challenge for the independent advertising industry worldwide.

This creative also highlights the importance of the independent advertising industry, which at first saw the digital area as a business opportunity. Many of the independent Ecuadorian agencies began to venture into it, which represented an advantage over their competitors. As Samaniego mentioned, “transnational companies began to outsource this service because they did not see it as big as business volume”. The opportunity was taken by independent agencies and it became an advantage that they now need to maintain and strengthen.

Understanding the logic of the independent advertising market, Samaniego highlights WINA as a festival that gives visibility to the agencies, while giving them the opportunity to acquire positioning. The festival also allows the agencies to be judged impartially, without “… a jurors machinery behind us, trying to favor us to influence the entire network”, as explained Esteban. For this professional, being a jury at WINA Festival, is not only a matter of judging, it is an opportunity to learn from the best creative in the market, in his words, “beyond judging, I think it’s more than what is received”.

By: Ángela María Muñoz Gutiérrez and Karen Tatiana Ledezma Aguirre