Wina 2016 corroborated that the festival brings the best creatives from the global independent industry together. Some of the judges from the first edition were: Fernando Vega Olmos André Kassu, Juan Luis Isaza, Flavio Pantigoso, Guanhin Tay, André Plaizier, Michael Meier, Michael Chao, Juan José Posada, Vlad Sitnikov, among other outstanding people, who contributed with their experience and knowledge to the attendees and participants.

This new version is not the exception, because: Andreas Rüthemann (Art Director bernstein), Alejandro  Di Trolio (Creative Director – good rebels), Roberto Fernández (Group Creative Director- BBH), Luis Marrques ( CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER- M&A Creative Agency), Pavel Kozlov (FOUNDER – People of Design), Gregor Blach (Managing Director –WE DO), Bernhard Herzig (CEO-Maxomedia), Luis Duarte Ayala (Creative Director-AYO), Albert Cambredo (CEO-Director Creativo –Slogan), John Stapleton (Chief Creative Officer- 22squared), are some of the jurors that will take part.

In the next days more juries will be confirmed, since there will be around 90 choosing the best from the 18 categories. To reward the best with impartiality, the Festival has an ideal working dynamics: avoiding the jurors to enter into group discussions, through encouraging them to make decisions individually and voting online.

Furthermore the jurors presidents of each of the categories, are the ones that define if the agencies deserve the prize.

The participation of jurors and speaker from multinational agencies in a festival for the independent industry is precisely a decision that seeks impartiality. WINA expects juries to solve conflicts and make not biased decision. For this, all the jury presidents belong to traditional multinationals. In the same way, the speakers invited are great referents of the advertising from different multinationals. This way they give weight and status to the festival: it is not a matter of generating a rivalry between independent and multinational, but of opening a space where the best creative of the world can meet.

In concrete terms, WINA Festival is a scenario that encourages the creative ones to show their potential; In the same way, it seeks to give the agencies greater visibility, competitiveness and influence. 

By: Ángela María Muñoz Gutiérrez