1.It`s different the creativity process in Porto than in Lisbon?

Not at all, I think we are all very similar.

2. The independent industry in Portugal es medium, do you believe that the competition for the clients it´s defined by the budget or the talent? 

First, I don’t agree that the independent industry in Portugal is medium and I think there´s a tendency for the appearance of more and more independent agencies in Portugal. Some of the top agencies in Portugal are independent so that proves my point. The independent industry is getting better and that raises the bar for all of us. In regards to the competition for clients being defined by budget or talent, I think it´s a mix. It depends on what the clients are looking for and how agencies want to position themselves. There’s enough to go around for all types of demands and budgets.

3.The creativity in Portugal is different from the rest of Europe? If you think that this is true, what is the main reason that makes this process dissimilar from the others?

I don’t know, I think creativity is a very generic thing. I can`t see many differences, obviously are differences in sense of humor or sometimes in graphic tendencies but a good idea, is a good idea in every part of the world. And I don’t believe that there is a type of creativity that is particularly Portuguese or Spanish for example.

4.During the WINA, you obtained worldwide recognition, competing with independent multinational agencies and networks around the world. With how you conquer a jury that is culturally diverse?

Like in my previous answer… a good idea, is a good idea anywhere in the world. I think there is a big tendency for ideas that can organically spread, whether it is in traditional or social media . Nowadays projects are a lot bigger and cross-platform than they used to be. That is something to keep in my mind when you have to conquer a jury.

5.Do you believe that your ideas are universal?

Like my previous answers… a good idea, is a good idea anywhere in the world. So yes, I believe creativity is universal.

6.How to stay active within the international radar?

The way to stay active in the international radar is continuing to try to make good and relevant work every day.

7. What comes to Opal this year ?

Well, to work to the best of our capabilities to satisfy our clients with work that can make us all proud. Maybe that can take us back to WINA again.