A trophy invites have the world in your hands

When designing the trophy, the challenge of the organization was to transmit the independent essence of the festival, having as a starting point the flag, since this is the tangible symbol of any independence.The titanium, gold and the Grand Prix, will be the highest distinctions, have five hoisted flags, where each represent the five continents over a black base. The Silver and the Bronze will have 4 and 3 flags respectively. The titanium award will have a 18 carats gold coating.

Trophies that will be given at the Festival:

  • Titanium (The piece with the highest score between every gold on the festival)
  • Grand Prix (The gold better ranked in his category)
  • Gold (The piece with highest score by subcategory)
  • Silver (The second piece with highest score by subcategory)
  • Bronze (The third piece with highest score by subcategory)
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