Corporate social responsibility shows the relevance and prominence that our profession has in society. This category rewards those agencies and brands that seek with their messages and actions to make this a better world.

  • Can participate spots published between March 10th, 2020, 00:00 hrs Los Ángeles and April 20th, 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Ángeles.
  • If the participant has material completed, but not published, on April 25th 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Ángeles but that will be published before May 1st 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Ángeles, he / she may be registered upon confirmation of the client of this fact.
  • Agencies that wish to register additional entries to the quotas received free of charge, may do so (USD 190 x entry).

B1 – Health & Bienestar Físico y EmocionalActions or campaigns seeking to preserve life, welfare and health of people. Prevention or treatment of physical or psychological diseases.

B2 – Social Responsibility. Educational and awareness campaigns seeking to educate on causes that affect society: gender equality, discrimination, donation, sex education, improvement, entrepreneurship, training, etc.

B3 – Environment: Actions or campaigns seeking to preserve, protect or educate about environment.

B4 – Causes: Campaigns or digital actions, BTL, public relations or non-conventional media, seeking to support or solve a social cause raised.

B5 – Products and eco-friendly advertising ads. Design of eco-sustainable products or advertising campaigns where the same advertising pieces are part of an environmental or ecological solution.

B6 – Civility, values, ethics and educationActions or messages that remind society how ethics and values are fundamental for a better world.

B7 – Campaigns. Use of 3 or more media for the same purpose of communication.

To be able to upload work and be judged, you´ll need a username and password, which will be given to you once you have registered your agency in our register platform.

How to register in WINA 2021?

  1. Register your agency in the Registration section.
  2. When doing so, you will receive a mail for upload your 7 entries at no cost on May 2nd, 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Angeles.
  3. Only if the agency turns out to be a winner, you must pay the rights to the award. The payment is made only of the piece (s) with the one (s) that was awarded. Please note that starting this year, shipping costs will already be included with this payment, so there will be no additional charges of any kind.
After having the user and password, which was delivered once you registered, enter the registration area to upload the videocase.


  • A graphic presentation or a board:

-Language: English

– Format: .jpg

-Quality: Hight

– Resolution: 300 dpi

– Mode: RGB

– Weight: Maximum 8 MB

– Measure: Horizontal piece: 5900 pixels wide (the height can not exceed 4100 px)

– Measure: Vertical piece: 4100 pixels high (width can not exceed 5900 px)


  • Must meet exact measurement by width or height


If you like, you can upload an audiovisual case with a maximum duration of 2 minutes, attaching the URL of the case uploaded to YouTube with high quality, without clipping or watermarks of the agency.

  • Leave the original language of the spot and add english subtitles (unless the spot is already in this language).
  • The signature or watermark of the agency that made the piece can not be maintained.
  • The BETTER WORLD category will give a GRAND PRIX to the spot with the highest score in the jury voting. The four best scores by subcategory will be recognized with gold, silver or bronze trophy. The 4th place will recieve a “mention of honor” plaque.
  • If the score given by the jury does not meet the expected quality, only silver or bronze will be given or the category will just not be awarded.

In WINA, the caseload is free, only the winners of gold, silver, bronze or honorable mention (fourth place) pay for the prize rights. Since May 7th, 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Angeles, the winning finalists will be notified, so that they can pay the awards rights before May 18th, 2021, 00:00 hrs Los Ángeles, as follows:


  • Single: USD 440
  • Campaign: USD 520

The finalists winners of the WINA GLOBAL FESTIVAL 2021, will only be published to media, communities and in our website, once they have payed the awarding rights as highlighted by the official rules and regulations of the Festival.