Barcelona was  chosen as the host city for the European agencies in taking part in  WINA 2017. This is not a random choice. The city has a great infrastructure not only for tourism but to hold international seminars, symposiums and competitions, making it the perfect place to host the European Festival awards.

Barcelona: a city with art direction

The Spanish pearl has a unique charm, where the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava, which are next to it, become an ineffable attraction. Likewise, there are countless artistic treasures in the city as romantic churches which magnificent architecture attracts thousands of tourists. It is also the place where great names of art, such as Dalí, Gaudí, Miró or Picasso, left their mark, turning Barcelona into a unique city in Europe.

Barcelona, which is located between the sea and the mountain, has a perfect balance between the traditional and modern styles. It is characterized by its avant-garde and the beauty of its architecture. Precisely, when visiting the Spanish Village, you will be able to find samples of the most representative places of the Spanish geography. A total of 117 buildings, streets and squares, with 49000 square meters, located in the heart of Barcelona.

Medieval quarters and the most beautiful examples of twentieth century modernism are represented in this beautiful city, which is why UNESCO decided to declare it a World Heritage Site, highlighting its emblematic constructions as well as its economic dynamism. The city is provided with a significant cultural heritage, allowing the promotion of artistic trends: museums, exhibitions, outdoor sculptures and a special program of theater and dance music, which are available to visitors.

Moreover, Barcelona’s gastronomy, uses fresh products; fish and the best olive oil, to offer the demanding palates an explosion of flavors. The artisan bakery and the sparkling wines become the cherry of the cake that encloses its gastronomical offer.

There is no doubt, the city is a great decision: the exceptional communication networks, the Mediterranean climate and a multitude of tourist attractions, make Barcelona an important business city and a special place for WINA 2017 to close with gold tribute to the best creative of the independent advertising industry.

By, Ángela María Muñoz Gutiérrez