The Los Angeles Elite Forum 2018 is a prestigious day-long gathering featuring 15 business owners from the U.S. independent advertising industry, who together with 50 guests from Europe and the U.S. will be sharing topics such as:

  • Sound strategies for new businesses.
  • Creative direction in indie agencies.
  • Successful tendering.
  • Agency presentations.
  • How to improve your client retention.
  • Digital strategies in advertising agencies: “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”.
  • Collaboration, association or clusters: what direction should the independent advertising industry go in?
  • Managing accounts as a strategy for growth.
  • Apart from the service, what else do advertisers expect?
  • International representation in non-affiliated agencies .

All of the business owners invited to speak will share their experiences in a 30-minute talk, where they will give and receive vital content for the common growth of the participants.