With the rise of advertising Festivals all around the world and in the middle of many critical opinions about the industry, there is a completely new and innovative proposal, which seeks to recognize the best works from the five continents, with the boldest promise ever seen: only if you win, you pay.

This Festival is the only one with no registration fee, only the winners of a trophy or mention of honor (4th place) have to assume a fee. Besides, is the only Festival that awards only the independent advertising agencies and networks (with presence in no more than 20 countries). In order to register without fee, the agencies must meet the following criteria:

  • To be a member of an association, local or international advertising, digital marketing or creativity community.
  • Have registered material in advertising, effectiveness or digital marketing Festivals between 2015 and 2016.
  • Receive a direct invitation from WINA.
  • In case you do not meet the above requirements, write to [email protected] to apply with your agency and receive an invitation to register entries.

WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards, backed up by a group of 90 juries from the independent advertising industry and icons from the industry that are recognized in their continents not only for their outstanding work but also for their transparency, work ethics and willingness to change, like: L. Miguel Messianu (CEO ALMA DDB – U.S.A.), Bobby Coimbra (President Ogilvy Andina), Chacho Puebla (CCO Partner / Mullen Lowe Spain), JJ Posada (DC Geometry London), Javier Delgado (Multicultural Marketing Manager Coca-Cola Company – U.S.A.), Pablo Castro Adriazola (Why – Chile), Julian Gutierrez (Senior Copywriter at Geometry Global Singapore), André Plaisier (Creative Director at Right Here, Tanzania), Flavio Pantigoso (FCB Happiness, inn Brussels) among others.

Along with FICE – Ibero-American Festival of Independent Agencies – WINA, is the new Global option that is created as an answer to the growing tendency of independent agencies and networks. This Festival wants to be the one that represents and gives them the visibility in an industry who has many players but just a few leading roles.

“We want to prove that the advertising industry has the ability to make a change, and as it is, we are all part of it. Festivals are not unrelated to this challenge, this is why from the registration process, to the judging process we will demonstrate with transparency that we are looking for a new way of making advertising Festivals. Once again we want to attract all of those big independent agencies who has lost their faith and credibility in advertising awards” – That’s the main goal of the WINA Team.

The criticism is the best tool to reinvent a theory, and WINA who is going to have its first edition the 10th and 11th November of this year, will without doubt reinvent Festivals .
More information about WINA:

  • Activities in the Festival:
    International Conferences + Award Ceremony for the Independent Agencies + Closing Party + Trade Show + International Festival for the Young Talents + Strategy and Creativity Forums.
  • Host City WINA 2016
    Sheraton Convention Center – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • WINA Official Site