1.Who or what is Isaak?
It is a content development agency, we are dedicated to writing and developing non-advertising content, focused on entertainment, based on an approach that breaks the traditional advertising styles.

2.Do you like being an integral agency or does being a niche make you stand out? Why?
We like to dissociate ourselves from integral services, as in Mexico there is a particular opportunity for content development. When advertising agencies talk about creating content the way that they approach it is based more on writing and development, not necessarily filming; and so as an agency we don’t have any particular style or position ourselves in any one particular media.

3.Is it hard being independent in Mexico? Why?
It has its pros and cons; the good thing is that there has been a boom of independent agencies, and that has led to the industry starting to get more involved and so now our proposals are seen as a more personalized service, which has led to the emergence of different types of clients. One of the disadvantages, like with any process, is when it reaches the point of oversupply which can mean there is no longer a balance between cost and quality. People can also be confused in thinking that as it is an independent agency that means that it is cheap. Those are the things that affect us the most and end up being a problem for the industry.

4.What is the biggest competitive advantage of an independent agency vs a multinational?
An independent agency can offer a more personalized service. It is different to that of a multinational as they have many processes. Within the independent industry there are only about 2 or 3 levels of management, in contrast to that of a multinational which has 5 or 6 which also have global connections. So simplifying the processes helps us to be different, we can offer something fresher and more immediate when achieving results.

5.In Mexico, does the government support or encourage creative industries? How?
We are in a process of transition with the government, because it is still not clear what the future is regarding this subject. There are divided opinions: on one hand, there is now a more creative drive in the film industry which means that it is focusing more and more on industries such as writing, production and film. However, concerning the national budget, the government does not define exactly how much support there is, but there is a good percentage of aid.

6.In several countries it has been difficult to unite the agencies in a creative circle or a solid union. Has the Mexican industry been able to achieve it?
It is trying, although uniting the agencies is a constant struggle. In recent years they have grown and tried to add more independent agencies to the unions. However, there is still a lot to be done, there is a lot of disintegration and there are no clear objectives in these types of organizations. Many agencies do not join as the unions have yet to show the benefits of belonging to them.

7.What’s next for Isaak in 2019?

The agency is still relatively young, but we are pleased as these first few years have been full of activity and projects and so have been important for the agency. We also have a partnership with a production agency called “Jakob” and we have been able to produce that which we have developed together; We are currently focused on animated series, short films and a project for children.