With the support of big referents, both global and regional, from the advertising and marketing industry WINA -World Independent Advertising Awards, arises. This Festival is an answer to a growing tendency of independent professionals and agencies in pursuit for a fair, objective and impartial place that represent them and their work.

The Festival is unique, since its registration has no fee; and the only thing in need of payment is the Winners Fee. Besides is the only one who awards exclusively independent agencies and worldwide networks.

WINA, more than a festival, is a movement that want’s to give greater credibility and reputation to the advertising industry, with a group of 90 judges from the five continents and acknowledged by their transparency, willingness to change, ethics and values on which this Festival is created.

“We are going to demonstrate that the advertising industry has the ability to make a change, and as it is, we are a part of it. Festivals are not unrelated to this challenge, that is why from the registration, to the judging we will demonstrate with transparency that we are looking for a new way of making advertising Festivals. We want to attract all of those big independent agencies that has lost their faith and credibility in advertising awards”. Thats the goal of Mauricio Rodriguez Vargas, director of the WINA for Iberoamerica and CMO of the WINA 2016.