We interviewed Lucas Pastori, Cofounder of Dale! Mexico and Joaquín Gómez, Director of Dale! Argentina.

  1. It is inevitable to start with this question: why the name of Dale! for a creative agency?

“Dale” was born when we were quite young, about 14 or 15 years ago, in 2004. In Argentina the word “dale” is used a lot in everyday language, it is an expression of incentive, energy and to go forward. It is a word with a nexus to “do” or “action” and it is born from there, we decided to make our own agency and for us the “dale” represented the spirit that we had to go forward.

  1. How was the journey for a competitive agency in Argentina having to conquer a market as demanding as the Mexican?

By personal choice and for business we were interested in starting up here in Mexico. I am currently leading the team in Mexico, I am living in Mexico City and we have managed to enter this market, especially with our creativity, and Argentinian creativity is well received, it opened a lot of doors for us with other companies choosing to work with us.

  1. Is the creativity of Mexico very different from that of Argentina?

Yes, it isthey are different *mandaciones due to the idiosyncrasies and customs in Mexico, above all gastronomy is a very important aspect to them, it is even more prominent than in Argentina. Gastronomy is used in communication, they love food, it’s part of tradition, it is a really strong cultural feature, that type of communication is used a lot here, and let’s say that, the humor used here is more innocent. In Argentina it is more roguish, more sarcastic or with innuendos and here it isn’t, here it is more direct.

Another difference is the kindness and respect between people and they way they treat eachother; there are very strong bonds, here there are a lot of local words specific to the region but they are easy to work with as I have already said.

* Mandations: of “command” or “to command”

  1. At WINA you have gained worldwide recognition, competing with independent multinational agencies and networks around the world. How do you win over a jury, so culturally diverse, with a Latino idea?

Working with insights, especially that they are global, and not local; we were lucky to be recognized with two pieces, and both are based on ideas or insights that are and that happen throughout the world. One is that young people want to contradict their parents, here there is an insight that happens all over the world or in almost all cultures, let’s say that through that insight we found creativity, we can also find a lot of insights about fashion. Another insight with a global feature ,may be sometimes a part of the advertising industry, then you can feel identified in any country.

  1. And with an Argentinian idea?

The ideas are not just from Argentina, they are not based on the Argentinian culture, they could work in England, Mexico or Japan; obviously they work in Argentina, but they are ideas that can work anywhere in the world, and the idea is global, then you have to address the matter of aesthetics or graphics, or visual languages in order to position it accordingly in whichever place in the country or the world, but the ideas are international.

  1. Is it very different to work for an independent agency than for a multinational?

Yes, for the exact reason of the market views, I believe that this is where the differences lie, let’s say that the observations of the market and the magnitudes of the ideas are different. We work with independent or international clients and the spectrum they cover are different. With regards to the ideas, I don’t think there are differences because ideas pierce markets, a good idea can be made by an international multinational agency or an independent one. In addition to thinking of one form being freer and more in accordance with each market, let’s say that the needle in the haystack can be found, it is a much bigger job, but it can be achieved.

  1. How do you stay current within the international radar?

Concerning the matter of ideas, today we are witnessing a change of paradigms, behaviors, methods and media; that the ideas which are born in any spectrum and stand out are the ones that keep us current. It is the only difference, if you can’t learn, you pay for the consequences, but ideas transcend dimensions, and I think that there  is the difference.

  1. Do you feel that you want to grow more?

We always want to grow more because we have an entrepreneurial spirit, for us growing is everyday learning, having worked in large agencies, small and medium, in the middle of the three we want to continue growing and we drive ourselves to open up to markets in a more face-to-face manner. Before, from Argentina, but now in other markets, being in Mexico and near the US, we do not want to be a giant agency, neither average but super creative because I think that in the medium-sized agencies, today the big brands are focusing more on these than in the big agencies.

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