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About us

WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards – is the academic response to the growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, seeking a space that truly represents them in a fair, independent and visible manner.

WINA, World Independent Advertising Awards, was created in 2016 to recognize the work of independent multinational agencies and networks from across five continents, with a jury panel of one hundred world class judges.

With a truly fair and democratic format, WINA is the only international festival where registration is free and only winners pay for the award rights.

Following the various recommendations by international health authorities, WINA 2021 has decided to cancel the face-to-face event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, we confirm that the award ceremony will go ahead and be held online via Facebook and YouTube; we will also broadcast the award ceremony on allied media portals which will be communicated in due course.

With this decision, we want to be a part of the solution, in response to recommendations by the authorities and health agencies at the global level, who ask to avoid the gathering of crowds in enclosed spaces.

How to register in WINA 2021?

  1. Register your agency in the registration area.
  2. This free registration (for the 2021 edition only) will give you 5 slots to upload your case (s) at no cost.
  3. Only if the agency turns out to be a winner you will have to pay the prize winning rights. The payment will only be for the piece (s) that receives an award.
  4. Note that starting this year, shipment costs will already be included in this payment, so there will be no additional charges of any kind.



The WINA Festival is the only festival of its kind on a global scale, in which agencies and independent multinational networks can register and submit their best cases at no cost, paying only award rights in the instance that they should win. The Festival serves as a platform for visibility that, with its reputation, seeks to promote the growth of independent agencies from across 5 continents.


Independent multinational advertising agencies and networks needed a space with the guarantees of a serious, impartial, fair festival that recognizes the best of the industry, so that professionals who stopped registering festivals, will believe in their value again.


The WINA Festival seeks to scale the local and regional visibility of independent agencies to a global level, thus giving agencies more value to their customers, the market and the media.




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