The WINA – World Independent Advertising Awards, is the academic response to a growing wave of independent multinational agencies and networks, seeking a space that truly represents them in a fair, autonomous and visible way.

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WINA came into being in order to acknowledge the work of independent, multinational advertising agencies and networks from across the world, with the help of around a hundred judges from all over the world. With a truly fair and democratic format, WINA is the only international festival with free case enrolment, and only the winners pay prizewinning rights.

How to register in WINA 2020?

  • Register your agency in the Registration section.
  • When doing so, it will be in a registration area that will be validated once the agency registration payment is made. If your agency has participated in previous editions, the payment is USD 50; If your agency participates for the first time, the payment is USD 90.

  • This agency registration fee will give you 7 spaces to load your case (s) at no cost.

  • Only if the agency turns out to be a winner, you must pay the rights to the award. The payment is made only of the piece (s) with the one (s) that was awarded. Please note that starting this year, shipping costs will already be included with this payment, so there will be no additional charges of any kind.





The WINA Festival is the only one worldwide which offers multinational agencies and networks to register their cases for free, they only have to pay for rights to receive the awards. We offer a highly recognized platform to showcase the best advertising in the business and we seek to promote the growth of all agencies worldwide.



Multinational independent advertising agencies and networks needed a space with the guarantees of a serious, impartial, fair festival that recognizes the best in the industry, so that the professionals who stopped signing up at festivals, will believe again.



The WINA Festival, seeks to scale local and regional visibility to global, to give more value to the agencies in front of their clients, the market and the media.