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The judging panel is made up of more than 90 professionals from all the related fields of the festival: advertisers, publicists, designers, communicators, directors and strategists from all five continents representing national, multinational and global brands and agencies.

Each category consists of:

  • 1 President (Multinational or independent)
  • 5 Jury Members (Multinational or independent)


In order to determine the winners, five judges will be assembled via our online platform. The president of the judging panel will award gold to the category that deserves it, and will have the deciding vote when reviewing any cases that demonstrate inconsistencies.

From this edition of the festival onwards, we will have an advertiser from one of the five continents who will act as category vice-president. Their role will be to determine which of the pieces awarded gold is the most strategic, and therefore worthy of the Grand Prix: the very best of the best cases in each category.

The best piece of the festival- Titanium- will be determined by five judges from the specialized press in the five continents.

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