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  • Entries in this category include published spots between March 10th, 2023, and April 25th, 2024.
  • If the participant has material completed, but not published, as of April 25th, but that will be published before May 1st, 2024, it may be submitted upon approval by the client.
  • If you want to submit additional entries, you may do so, but will have to pay 150 USD per entry.

I1 – Sites – Microsites.

I2 – Influencers. Actions with influencers that have had a high impact on media, making it clear that the expected influence targets and additional scopes of the media actions were met.

I3 – Banners, Advertisements and Pop Ups.

I4 – E – Commerce.

I5 – Apps, Online games, augmented reality, virtual reality.

I6 – Interactive tools.

I7 –   Actions in social networks for Products.

I8 –   Actions in social networks for Services.

I9 –   Actions in social networks. Institutional.

I10 – Actions in social networks. Government, Social and Environmental.

I11 – Branded Content.

I12 – E-mail Marketing.

I13 – Viral Marketing.

I14 – Data.

I15 – Digital design, Illustration and graphic design.

I16 – Online series, video series.

I17 –  Animation.

I18 – Online videos.

In order to upload the cases and have them judged, a username and password are required, which will be provided once you register your agency via our registration platform.

How to register in WINA 2024?

  1. Register your agency in the Registration section.
  2. When doing so, you will receive an email to upload your 4 entries at no cost on April 29nd, 2023
  3. Only if the agency turns out to be a winner, you must pay the award fees. The payment is made only of the case (s) with the one (s) that was awarded. Please note that starting this year, shipping costs will already be included with this payment, so there will be no additional charges of any kind.

Once have the username and password, which was delivered to you when you signed up, enter the registration section to upload the material for the print category.


  • You must upload an audiovisual case with a maximum duration of 3 minutes, attaching the URL of the case uploaded to YouTube with high quality, without clipping or watermarks of the agency.
  • An URL where the case is hosted. If the case is no longer on the air, notify and attach board.


    • A graphic presentation or a board:
  • Language: English
  • Format: .jpg
  • Quality: Hight
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Mode: RGB
  • Weight: Maximum 3 MB
  • Measure: Horizontal piece: 5900 pixels wide (the height can not exceed 4100 px)
  • Measure: Vertical piece4100 pixels high (width can not exceed 5900 px)
    • Must meet exact measurement by width or height
  • The case can be in its original language but it must have english subtitles (In case this is not the language).
  • It can not contain the agency’s signature or watermark.
  • The INTERACTIVE category will give a GRAND PRIX to the print with the highest score in the jury voting. The four best scores by subcategory will be recognized with gold, silver or bronze trophy. The 4th place will receive a “mention of honor” plaque.
  • If the score given by the jury does not meet the expected quality, only silver or bronze will be given or the category will just not be awarded.

In WINA, the caseload is free, only the winners of gold, silver, bronze or honorable mention (fourth place) pay for the awards fees. Since May 8th, 2024, the winning finalists will be notified, so that they can pay the awards rights before May 17th, 2024, as follows:

CONTENT Category

  • 524 USD

The final winners of the WINA GLOBAL FESTIVAL, will only be published to media, communities and in our website, once they have paid the awarding rights as highlighted by the official rules and regulations of the Festival.

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