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Juries 2021 / President

Anish Varghese

Blending strong narratives with art & technology Since setting foot in the digital industry, Anish has been passionate about using a creative use of technology to transform businesses and brands. Anish can be credited for his instrumental role in growing the Isobar India business over the past five years and was shortlisted for Campaign South Asia – “South Asia Creative Person of the Year” in 2017. Anish provides creative solutions for the new age of Advertising. He believes that user behavior is changing daily, so our creative ideas need to have a strong understanding of user behaviors and journeys. He believes that new age creative directors can play a bigger role in transforming business, and encourages his teams to create narratives that are powered by a blend of art and technology. Prior to Isobar, Anish had 16+ years’ experience in nurturing a creative squad of art and copy enthusiasts into strategic thinkers. At Interactive Avenues (2006 – 2013), Anish was the driving force behind the marketing success of brands including Fiat, Skoda Fabia, Mahindra SUVs, FedEx, Siemens, Bosch, Tanishq, Durex, Sony, Intel, Jet Airways and Travelocity.
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