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Juries 2023 / Jury Member

Bob Froese

Father of three, husband to a legend, family man, founder and Chief Creative officer of the longest standing*, most awarded*, boutique ad agency in Canada, and soon to be Miami too… …Meet Bob. From yes, you guessed it…Bob’s Your Uncle For nearly X decades, Bob has been building business, shaping brands and creating legends, for both transformational marketers and ad agency execs and creatives alike.
  • Humble
  • Real.
And an unstoppable force of nature (as well as “guy with great hair”) Bob has been zigging where others zag since he first came on the scene by conceptualizing, launching and leading the “Quit Smoking” campaign that nobody can ever forget…one that made Canada a world leader in one of the most pervasive, high stakes and high conflict categories known to marketers, the world over. Being one to “Never stop never stopping” Bob got to know the ad industry inside out and eventual (after stints learning from the best, brightest boutiques and simultaneously learning what not to do from the biggest, greediest advertising holding companies) Bob helped found the agency he now solely owns and leads (toot too…one of the best, longest standing, heavily awarded and incredibly respected, revered and feared) the agency which now holds his moniker, Bob’s Your Uncle. Here Bob has had an irrevocable impact on global and local brands…from the category defining launch of Mikes Hard Lemonade, to steering the brand ship for the likes of Molson…there is little brand iconography that Bob has not had the honour of bettering, for the…well…better. Whether his work on Calvin Klein made you want more Calvin’s, or his imagination on Canon made you capture more moments, or his retail savvy made you up your kitchen ante with more Bosh appliances (plus of course their register ringing work for Popeyes, Asahi and so many more) Bob and his fiercely loyal crew of creative, business and management artisans…have had a monumental and unassailable impact on both business, brand and careers too. Today, Bob and his team serve market-leading brands such as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Bosch, Sofina (name the brands instead), Asahi and Chicken Farmers of Canada while doing some good too (having recently launched a beer brand for Second Harvest, successfully designed to shine a much needed spotlight on food waste and its effect on humans as well as the global food agri-economy too). Nowadays you’ll find Bob changing the game as he always does, happily so…from his home in Island, his office in Toronto or his newly acquired home away from other homes…Miami. To Bob and in the end…this business is never about the brand, its about the consumers who own the brand and how advertising can play a critical role in ensuring the consumer world actually gives a shit…but also has one less load of shit to swallow…in an otherwise sea of BS marketing claims (buy me, try me, thinner, faster, better and stronger). Bottom line…Bob loves what he does and so does his crew. I dare you to challenge him and all the BYU crew too.
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