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Juries 2024 / Jury Member

David Freixanet

David Freixanet, a graduate in Art Direction and Advertising, boasts a narrative marked by innovation and reinvention, spanning almost two decades across globally recognized creative entities such as BBDO and McCANN. Additionally, he has made a lasting impact through business ventures like DROP & VASE. Embarking on his journey in Spain, David held pivotal roles as a Creative and Art/Creative Director at agencies like Tiempo BBDO Spain and McCann, swiftly earning recognition at both national and international festivals. Fueled by a passion for creative autonomy, David established Drop & Vase, his own agency in Spain. For over a decade, he orchestrated innovative campaigns resonating in diverse markets, gaining widespread recognition. At the helm of Drop&Vase, David fearlessly pushed creative boundaries, crafting commercials and brand campaigns that defy convention. His signature style incorporates meticulous attention to detail, aesthetics, dynamism, and an affinity for unconventional strategies. Currently residing in Bali, Indonesia, David founded OMBAK Creative Hub, showcasing his visionary leadership as a creative director, advertising director, and filmmaker. David's portfolio is a kaleidoscope of projects, each a testament to his ability to think innovatively and deliver unparalleled results. From whimsical advertisements to elegant brand campaigns, his work embodies a relentless pursuit of innovation and originality.
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