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Juries 2024 / Jury Member

Davide Buttazzoni

Davide has been working as a director of strategic accounts for 20 years both in Italy and in Spain. His professional career has gone through agencies such as ITS, Publips, Serviceplan and he is currently one of the founding partners of Agencia Sensei. Among his most prominent campaigns there are brands such as Diesel Jeans, Jack & Jones, Carrefour, Hisense, Turkish Airlines, Ikea... both nationally and internationally Several of them have won awards at prestigious festivals such as El Sol, Best Award, EFI, La Lluna or the Luum Award. He has participated in conferences and masterclasses in Spain, Italy and France where he has spoken about the importance of building high performance teams and how to apply the agile methodology in the advertising and marketing sector. He has been co-host and producer of the video-podcast radio program "Sin Limites Creativos" (No Creative Limits) where he delved into the value of creativity for the improvement of society.
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