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Diego Pozzi

I am restless, inquisitive, ambitious and sometimes a bit moody, only sometimes. I was born and pampered in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina. I took part in 8 plays as a leading actor and I can play 5 songs on the guitar. I’m really into the arts. I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2005 and as a Specialist in Brand Design and Strategic Management in 2021.  I have been the Creative Director at Pozzi Brand Agency since to 2005 and the Design Director at Parque Del Conocimiento since to 2008. I have been chosen as mentor of the Startup Weekend in Brazil and Argentina. I have been invited as lecturer and jury of creative industry events such as Pixelantions, MICA, Obrar Federal and Clap awards. I am passionate about strategic design, branding and the intimate relationship between them and with packaging. I enjoy working in collaboration and partnership with agencies all over the world. In Pozzi Brand Agency we pursue excellence which granted us prices and awards like WINA, BRANDOR, LATAMPACK, CLAP, FePI and Sello Buen Diseño Argentino. In 2022 we have been awarded REGIONAL AGENCY OF THE YEAR / ARGENTINA  by TopFICE. Active listening and engagement with people’s needs and the creative process are our core values.
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