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Lorena Garrido

With seven years of experience in independent agencies, Lorena Garrido is a young talent devoted to build bridges between social reality and brands. Currently, she is the strategy director at BTOB, where she established the strategic pillars and philosophy of the department. From her position, she developed a unique AI-based research methodology called "lifeblood methodology", allowing brands to deeply analyse and understand the world in which we live. With a background in Brand Culture, Master's in Creative Innovation and Behavioural Design, she is a hybrid professional who proves to be a transformative leader in each of her projects, bringing together innovation, cultural context, and creativity. She has leading communication project to BBVA, Endesa X, Bankinter or Fripozo. Recognized for her impact, her work has been awarded in prestigious national and international festivals such as CdeC, FIP, FEPI, and WINA. Lorena Garrido is an unrelenting advocate of cultural relevance in brand development and continues to promote this idea among all clients and projects she works for.
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