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Juries 2024 / Jury Member

Luis Marques

With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years in Marketing and Communications within the advertising realm, Luis stands out as a multi-award-winning Creative Director, having garnered accolades from across the globe. As the visionary Founder of M&A Creative Agency, an esteemed creative firm specializing in comprehensive communication services both online and offline, Luis has steered the agency to excellence in Food and Beverage Luxury Packaging, Healthcare, and Industry. Over the course of his dynamic career, he and his teams have collaborated with major European and International brands, including but not limited to Burmester, Kopke, L’Atelier Paris, Phillips, Hugo Boss, Olympus, Miranda Bike Parts, Polaris, Heineken, and Jean Jean Vignobles. Establishing M&A Creative in 1998 in Aveiro, Portugal, Luis has transformed it into a global brand, with offices strategically located in Lisbon, New York, and the prestigious Napa Valley—the epicenter of the wine industry in the USA. Along this transformative journey, Africa served as a pivotal point, where Luis lived and worked for two years, establishing a new agency and managing clients from Asia, Dubai, and South Africa. Luis's vision has shaped an agency that mirrors the diversity of today's world—a multicultural and visionary entity. Awards and recognition have become synonymous with M&A Creative Agency, solidifying its status as one of the most acclaimed agencies in Portugal. The agency's creative prowess in Beverage Packaging Communication, Design, Photography, Web Design & Interactive Apps has been acknowledged through numerous prestigious awards, including German Design Awards, German Design Brands, Muse Design Awards, DNA Paris, C2A USA, Epica Awards, Cresta Awards, Prémios Lusófonos, Lisbon Add Festival, WINA, Fice Festival Argentina (Winner of "Best Design of the Year 2021 - 2023"), and the Grand Prize Innovation Award from Revista do Papel. When not immersed in the creation of innovative solutions, Luis can be found exploring new wines, studying terroirs around the globe, and engaging in food and wine tastings. His personal mantra encapsulates the essence of his journey: "After a long and not always easy journey, filled with hard work, passion, focus, determination… I made it this far. I believe that anything is possible, and the best is yet to come for me and my team!"
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