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WINA 2024: Collaborating with Our Partner Brands to Empower Independent Creativity

The independent creative world is getting ready to shine at WINA Miami and Monterrey 2024. WINA unites independent multinational agencies and networks to inspire innovation and creative excellence. As part of this event, we are excited to introduce our partner brands, partners who share our passion for creativity. Get ready to be inspired by these brands, as we celebrate the best of the independent advertising world!

OCV Monterrey

The Monterrey Convention & Visitors Bureau (Oficina de Convenciones y Visitantes de Monterrey) is the official entity promoting the great advantages that Nuevo León offers for the realization of events in the state. The office works hand in hand with associations, federations, chambers, schools, corporations and various other organizations, offering support free of cost so that national and international events can take place in Nuevo Leon, become success stories, and generate a positive economic and social impact in the city.

Talkability PR

We are an independent PR and press agency specialized in the dynamic communications industry, we are dedicated to creating personalized strategies that perfectly reflect the goals and aspirations of each client. Our focus is on highlighting the campaigns, actions and profiles of executives. We strive to deliver a unique and captivating vision that elevates our clients’ presence.

Don Mostachón

Since its launch 12 years ago, we at Don Mostachon have believed that collective creativity is a vehicle for infusing passion; and that the ideas that come from the heart, are those that can change the world. Through branding, communication and design, we integrate graphic, advertising, interactive, BTL and audiovisual solutions to drive home the objectives of clients and organizations. Thanks to collaborative efforts with clients like CEMEX, BASE, BAT, OMA Aeropuertos, Smurfit Kappa Norte América, AXA, and more, we have been recognized by different national ranksing and we have obtained international recogniztion, like WINA gold (2021), Premio Internacional LatamPack (2022), and bronze at the Festival de la Publicidad Independiente, FePi (2023) in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Conektica Creative Agency:

In a competitive world, where brands seek to grow and position themselves, we aim to be the fundamental piece integrated into the team of each brand to design focused strategies. We make sure to thoroughly understand the client’s environment, so that we can implement substantial strategic changes that lead to great results.

Edna Santos Public Relations & Branding:

We help your company or brand get the best coverage in mainstream media. We will help you develop and implement a successful advertising campaign, and we will help to create impactful content that will help you reach your target audience. Our know-how makes us a PR agency with the experience and knowledge necessary to provide the best service in effective communication strategies.

Our mission is to create a positive image and to promote the reputations of brands, companies and organizations, managing to have an impact on the audience, and to maintain that important link between brand and target audience.

El Publicista:

El Publicista has an excellent reputation among Spanish-speaking professionals from the marketing, advertising and commercial communication industry, on both sides of the Atlantic, and followers from around the globe. Thanks to the attractiveness of our media and channels (offline and online) we have built a community of more than 250,000 individuals that we reach on a daily basis.


London México is a creative services company that strives to make brands relevant through creativity and inspiration. Agency, Production Company and Post Studio: those are our three project areas that shape and adapt messaging according to pop culture


For 35 years, PRODU has been the leading content provider for television, marketing and technology professionals in Latin America, Spain and the U.S. Hispanic market. The rapid and constant changes in the media consumer world have made PRODU flexible and adaptable to this specialized content, now from a sustainable perspective and providing segmented everyday solutions for its audiences on each platform. PRODU Diario is the most prestigious and consulted newsletter for the television, marketing and technology industries (daily and online).

Birth Group:

With effective craftsmanship, good treatment and an attractive budget, Birth Group specializes in InsideOut Branding, a methodology that it has adopted to encourage innovation on a daily basis. This strategy emphasizes that successful external communication and marketing requires strong internal communication.

With this, we enthusiastically conclude our presentation of partner brands at WINA 2024. This flagship event brings together the best of the independent creative world, and gives us the opportunity to highlight innovation and excellence in the advertising industry. We are pleased to introduce our partners who share our passion for creativity and progress. Together, we are ready to inspire. Let’s start by celebrating the best of the independent advertising world.

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