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Juries 2024 / Jury Member

Felipe Marsiglia

Even before studying advertising, I was already creative. I knew what I wanted to be, even since preschool. At that time, they called me “the strange kid”; truth be told, I was lost in my thoughts, conjuring all sorts of things, and then telling them in my own way. These days, not much has changed; I make a living doing it in the exciting world of Mad Men, but I also love burgers, techno music, soccer, and memes. Professionally, I have had the privilege to engage in creativity and lead creative teams with the biggest brands in my country and Latam. I have worked for agencies of all sizes and specialties, from the largest holdings to the gutsy independent ones. I have been recognized in local and international festivals, and in the most significant of all – my mom exclaiming: "¡Este trabajo está buenoooo!". Currently, I work as the Regional Content Manager at Findasense, a Marketing, Communication, and Digital Transformation consulting agency with presence in the Americas and Europe.
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