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Juries 2024 / Jury Member

Keyshawna Johnson

Keyshawna is a distinguished judge at the WINA Festival and brings with her a wealth of experience in retention marketing leadership. Currently spearheading the Retention Marketing Department at the award winning The Snow Agency/Avenue Z, Keyshawna boasts a remarkable career marked by successful endeavors and exceptional achievements. Her expertise lies in leveraging data-driven strategies and a profound understanding of customer behavior to deliver outstanding results for clients, particularly within the realm of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. Throughout her career, Keyshawna has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to scale brands using innovative retention marketing tactics. Her approach is characterized by rigorous testing, creative problem-solving, and unwavering adherence to advertising and marketing principles. With her proven track record and deep industry insights, Keyshawna is a valuable asset to our judging panel, embodying the highest standards of excellence in the field of advertising and marketing.
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