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Juror for Content


Camila Maldonado, Fox – Colombia


Born in Brazil but raised in Colombia, Camila has always felt emotionally connected to both countries.

She studied advertising and did her internship at Citytv when it had just opened. It was a channel that was revolutionary in the beginning and turned out to be an incredible establishment.

She started there as a creative copy, but over the years got involved in the strategy in the commercial area where she held a position created specifically for her profile, and which allowed her to apply her knowledge of production and creativity to what matters, the sale. She can proudly say that she started doing what is now called Content Generation at a time when it still didn’t have a name.

This experience, which lasted 15 years, included her becoming involved in areas that, while different from creativity, must go hand in hand to meet business objectives. As a result, she learned to sell, to manage clients, and commercial teams, and in general, to propose strategies from a complete perspective that guarantees the effectiveness of the fulfillment of communication objectives and the effectiveness of the approach.

Three years ago she found the job that she had always wanted, the Associate Director of Fox Lab Colombia and Ecuador, where she has led a team that covers the creative and production needs of the Fox Network advertisers for these two countries. With her team their work has earned them a Silver Promax in the category On-Air Brand Sponsor Integrated Campaign with the campaign City of Zombies for Samsung in 2017. They were also on the Short List in the same group with the campaign Road Trip Super Stories for the same client in 2018.

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