1. Was Portavoz born in Murcia or Madrid? What is the origin and history behind Portavoz?

It is an advertising agency that was set up in Murcia (Spain) 25 years ago. It was founded by Carlos Recio and Fernando Faride who are “partners and cousins” and to this day they are still “partners and cousins”. This proves a lot as mixing family and business is not always easy. At the beginning our clients were almost all located outside of Murcia and so it wasn’t long before we had to expand and also start working from an establishment in the capital (Madrid) in order to provide a better service.

  1. The consumer of today is very complex, how do you communicate with them?

There is no magic formula, the message delivery must be effective, you have to understand exactly what the problem is and ensure that the message is clear. You have to study the target audience thoroughly, to know your consumer well, to be able to speak in a language and in a way that the target audience understands and that the message is simple and easily interpreted. Reaching the consumers nowadays is much more complex, because they have more information, more brands and distractions. The human being has always used communication and it is what it is. The magic formula lies in knowing the public well.

  1. How should the current advertising companies deal with the digital television platforms that increasingly exclude advertising from its contents?

It’s true that advertising is increasingly excluded from these platforms, but now there also exists better tools to segment consumers in more effective ways. Advertising has changed so much in the last 20 years and in these super-digital times we have new tools available to us and an infinite amount of platforms to reach all types of audiences.

  1. Could it also be said that radio is dying due to these new trends?

It’s not entirely true, because we have statistics to prove that podcasts are getting better and better. Their content is quite particular and are aimed towards specific audiences. This creates the opportunity for a new model.

  1. What do you think is the most important role of agencies to ensure that advertising remains effective through all channels?

To deliver good advertising, that is a simple thing to say and yet so complex to do. In Portavoz we are obsessed by doing good “publicity”, being effective and efficient. Advertising can’t be a place to show how much you know, how well you can design, how well you can communicate, but it is more about really knowing the market and the society and to transmit the client’s messages in the best way possible.

  1. How do you reinvent an agency such as Portavoz?

We do it every day, because society is changing in a very specific and particular way. We adapt ourselves to the needs of the moment. Today’s Portavoz is different from the Portavoz of 20 years ago. This is not a futurist idea but we see every day as a social and communication challenge.