1. What makes El Bando different from other agencies?

The fact that we specialize in social and environmental marketing makes us different and we have been working on this approach for the last 21 years with sustainable companies. This type of approach has opened many doors with regards to addressing the issue of corporate social responsibility, which has experienced a boom in recent years.

  1. Can creativity change the planet? Why?

Sure, that is our bet! To make the world a better place for everyone. That is why we work side by side along with social and environmental organizations that are of a national and international nature. We are dreamers, but we also have our feet on the ground.

  1. How does it feel to win against independent agencies and networks around the world in a category as difficult as Design, which is usually dominated by European agencies?

It is a feeling of national pride, a great satisfaction for the whole Bando family. These awards help to strengthen, even more the bonds that unite us. Oh, and yes, it’s also a boost for the ego! (laughs).

  1. How do you stay current after so many years in the market in a country where independent agencies are either bought or barely last for more than 7 years?

We have always used sustainability as our guiding star. That is in addition to creativity, quality and commitment and we are also cautious when it comes to financial matters. All the decisions that are made are in line with the viability and sustainability of the company and are focused on the long term. It is worth remembering that 15 years ago in Cali there were 5 or 6 leading agencies which we used to admire and respect. Nowadays, however, several of them have closed or have been dramatically downsized. In comparison, we have managed not only to sustain ourselves as a business, but also to grow slowly and steadily in this changing and hyper-competitive market.

  1. Knowing that in your company, El Bando, there are creatives that have been with the company for many years, how do you retain talent for so long in an independent agency?

Giving them the opportunity to join great social and environmental causes in which their talent and creativity contribute to the construction of a better world. These guys tell me that they do not see themselves composing odes and designs for a sponge or soap.

  1. If you could change something in the industry, what would it be?

I would change the sentence that says: “Advertising is making people buy things that they do not need with money they do not have.” I hope that advertising not only gives rise to a better standard of living, but also allows people to dream.

  1. How do you influence a generation as demanding as the millennial?

We must give them the conditions and freedoms that meet their expectations which include time flexibility, creative environments, variety in their work and ambitious professional challenges.