Martin Seele: Marketing Director: Qwell – Bulgaria

Martin describes himself as being a contradiction personified!

With a successful career in advertising and marketing he still feels as naive and enthusiastic about great ideas as he did on his first day. While he does not think of himself as being particularly innovative he is always fascinated by innovations that open doors to new opportunities. Martin is a free-thinking creative at heart but also appreciates the lessons that driving his own business has taught him.

Experienced on both agency- and client-“side” he understands commercial realities but firmly believes in the power of creative thinking to transform the world – in a good way!  Having won numerous prestigious awards he still doesn’t really understand how that happened, but realizes that great advertising comes from great people working with great clients. While being fundamentally friendly he is firmly resolved to be a tough but fair judge.

He feels immensely proud to be a judge at the WINA festival.